Energy harvesting devices and Sensors


Energy harvesting devices and sensors for self-powered electronics applications

Internet of things (IoT) environment, consisting of mobile devices and sensors, have changed our daily life. The key to the successful establishment of such environment is on providing sustainable power without periodic replacement of battery. In this aspect, we explore novel energy harvesting devices utilizing piezoelectric and triboelectric effects.

  • Piezoelectric energy harvesting devices: chemical modification of piezoelectric materials for modulation of piezoelectric coefficient
  • Triboelectric energy harvesting devices: physical and chemical functionalization of surface morphology for performance enhancement of triboelectric energy harvesting devices.
  • Facilitation of photoelectrochemical redox process by spontaneous dipole coupling for efficient water splitting
  • Solution-processed perovskite solar cells
  • Hybrid energy harvesting devices
  • Sensors exploiting piezoelectric and triboelectric effects